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Membership Information

There are two membership classifications that may be considered when applying for membership with HSAR. The Operational classification requires a commitment towards becoming an accomplished dog trainer and handler, as well as mastering search skills, becoming an adept wilderness navigator and acquiring the required first aid skills. An operational search and rescue volunteer must be capable of walking long distances in dense underbrush and steep terrain while carrying a fully loaded pack.

The Base Camp and Support classification must develop an understanding of search and rescue operations theory and possess skills in radio communications, map reading and navigation.

All applicants are considered Trainee members after attending three training sessions and upon submitting a HSAR new member application form. Trainees acquire active status after meeting either Operational or Base Camp support status and attending the required number of training sessions in a one year period.

There are many motivations for becoming a search and rescue volunteer. Experience has shown that the best candidates are those who see being a search and rescue volunteer as an opportunity to serve local communities and work extensively with dogs during the course of training.

Training as a search and rescue volunteer is time consuming and there are expenses that are associated with the purchase of a dog, personal equipment and travel.

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dog evaluation

K9 Zirk poses after successfully completing his trail evaluation.